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You're a Good Egg
Craft Fair Tips
Season of mists & mellow fruitfulness. John Keats. 1795–1821
The Windows of Winslow
Small Town, Big Effort.


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You're a Good Egg

For those of you that live close enough to visit Polkadot's Bricks & Mortar Shop have you ever ventured 5 miles or so along the A413 to visit The Littlecote Soap Shop?
Not only do the girls make & sell the most delicious soaps, creams, lotions & potions but they also sell fabulous free range eggs! (made by Ben & Pearl's chickens).
At just £1.50 a dozen I defy you to find a better deal anywhere!

Craft Fair Tips

With the busy Christmas Craft Fair season just around the corner what can you do to maximize your sales? Here's some good advice I've found whilst browsing blogs
And don't forget it's Winslow Festive Handmade & Vintage Fair on 18th November in Winslow Public Hall

Season of mists & mellow fruitfulness. John Keats. 1795–1821

I awoke this morning to the first mist of autumn. So whilst walking the hound this morning I had my camera at the ready.
                                                  John Keats, “To Autumn”

The Windows of Winslow

I've had a little trip down the High Street today snapping the lovely window displays of our fabulous shops here in Winslow. Winslow business really do take pride in their shops & their town & they all looked a treat in their Jubilee finery...
Truly Scrumptious
Truly Scrumptious
Traditional Sweet Shop
Lovely Gift shop selling Emma Bridgewater amongst other things
Beautifully Different
Beautifully Different
If it's scarves, accessories or jewellery you're after this is the place!

Small Town, Big Effort.

So Winslow has been decked out in red white & blue!
With the double whammy of the Jubilee & the Olympic torch coming down the High Street on July 9th right outside all the shop fronts everyone is making the effort to decorate in suitable fashion.
  Bunting has gone up all around the Market Square & along the High Street curtesy of the Council & with the help of the local Firemen & rather spiffing it looks too!
The Bell Hotel
       Market Square with Polkadot, Aston Kitchens & Rhubarb & Roses & Scotts Trading

I've had the inks out!

Miss Dottie has had a lovely, albeit quite afternoon at Polkadot.
'Why?' I hear you cry.
Because I've had the inks out!
 I do so love working in ink. You can achieve really delicate effects but still with lovely intense colours.
I was wondering what to do with the finished articles, cards - yes, gift tags - maybe & then I thought wouldn't they look nice as tin badges, how can I do that? When I remembered Jeff on the high street. Jeff makes badges! So off I toddled & yes indeedy Jeff could run me off a batch of badges no problem.

the merits of den building

I've just been listening to the radio & it said the National Trust has just issued a list of things to do before you're 11 including things like playing conkers & building a den to encourage children to get away from the tele & computers & GET OUTSIDE.
I was having a conversation last week with helen from  about den building & the different tecqniques & materials we used as children & the fact that our own children with all the technology available to them still relished dragging sheets & towels out of cupboards, finding carboard boxes big enough to sit in & pulling sofas away from the walls to burrow behind.

What to do when more space is required

Myself & Mr Wright have been discussing how to obtain more space for my painting & crafting as the garage, kitchen table & fair sized shop just doesn't seem to be enough!
He suggested a summer house. I suggested a Gypsy Caravan.
I've always hankered after a gypsy caravan. They're so romantic & beautiful, a little getaway to be creative. Portable too, the perfect studio space which could be taken to shows & transformed into a shop if needed.
Much research has been undertaken this week.

Maintaining your equilibrium

Wednesday has rolled around again which means working from home day. This morning I have already made all of my clay orders which are currently cooking in the kiln & should come out something like this
I have a few holes to drill in wooden plaques & a few advertising photos to shoot & then I am considering taking the rest of the day off. And what a beaut of a day it is! 
Days off don't happen very often when you have you own business (as very many of you know all too well) & I was given some very good advice this week which roughly translated as 'All work & no play makes Lisa a very grumpy & uninspired girl!

Behaving like hillbillies!

What a lovely weekend The Wright family have had!
I had the weekend away from the shop & spent Saturday afternoon at the lovely Mrs Scoops tea party.
The 'Hobbit' had her 17th birthday on Saturday.
Ty seems to be improving after a horrible week of operations & infections.
Today we have had family over for dinner & myself & Mr Wright have been channelling our inner hillbillies this afternoon by splitting kindling &practising shooting beer cans off the fence

who's at the fair

Once more I have found myself awake far too early & having done my chores have a few minutes to add a few more little tasters of who will be at our next Handmade & Vintage Fair on 11th March. We are thrilled that Lucie Green of Feathers & Pearls will be back having recently opened in Kingston, MK & she will have some vintage bridal gowns for you to drool over!
Gladys Arnott will be there with her collection of vintage handbags, furniture & she always manages to find some fab wicker baskets!

who's at the fair

So, who else do we have joining us on 11th March for the Handmade & Vintage Fair. Well, we have Tara from TStop Designs with her lovely mix of decoupaged furniture & handmade goodies.
There will be a mix of vintage clothes from maggie vintage & Julie Lovett. Martin Siderman, our local bobby will be there for the first time with his handmade ceramics.
Liz Philpot will be bringing along her shabby chic painted furniture.
We also have

handmade & vintage fair

Well, our next handmade & vintage fair is fast approaching on Sunday 11th March & my, what treats we have in store for you this time!
Many of the old favourites will be with us - Hetty Spaghetty with her absolutely stunning vintage repro dresses (don't forget Hetty has a concession in our very own Beautifully Different, Louise fromPassionflour Bakery will be there with delicious morsels to tempt you
'Finds from Dad's attic' will be there with some interesting bits & bobs which include a rather fabulous set of hanging scales & old copper scoops for dry goods.

Meet the Makers - Joanne

Today I shall be introducing you to Joanne Forrest. Well, what a little gem she is!
Owner of the Little Christmas Co
Jo started to stock Polkadot with her amazing Christmas decs & 'do it yourself kits'
My favs were the shepherd complete with wooley sheep & The 3 Kings
Just this week Jo popped in with her fantastic little brides & grooms
in time for
next weekend!

meet the makers

Today I thought I would start to introduce you to some of the ever so clever locals who 'make' for the shop. There are many to chose from, handcrafting the most amazing & unique pieces for you to fall in love with & take home.
So today we will start with Helen. @Walkies - Little felted dogs and animals
Helen is one of those people who can turn her hand to most things & produce fabby results every time.
But the things that sets her apart are her little felt sculptures of our four legged friends.